Empower your marketing team members

Each individual member in your marketing team have their strengths and weaknesses. If there’s a certain marketing subject that your team member aren’t 100% confident on, Aimley can assign an expert that the team member monitors. Not only will the task get done, but your team member will be able to throw ideas back and forth with the expert, and learn more during the process.

Make sure your team are not overwhelmed.

There’s so much to do if you’re a marketing team consisting of a few people. But as much as everyone is motivated to do everything, this can actually hurt your performance. With Aimley, you can select the tasks to be done by us, and give your team more breathing room.

Get results, even in down periods.

When you’re growing your marketing team, there’s a lot to take into account when deciding to hire someone new. The process can take months. In the meantime, important tasks are left idle. Let Aimley help you with the tasks that would otherwise end up at the bottom of the prio list, so that you can meet all your KPI’s for the period.

Challenge future supervisors in your team

When you feel it’s time that someone in your marketing team tries to manage people, you don’t need to hire someone to see if it works or not. Connect Aimley to your team member and see how well he or she deals with reporting on other people’s work.

Replace interns/assistant with skilled experts

Hiring interns or assistants are cost-effective, but will yield junior-level results. Get your marketing tasks done by Aimley instead, and get the top 1% of North American marketers for a competitive price point.