The Psychology of Color in Marketing

A brand’s choice of color is a fundamental element that reinforces both its personality and the qualities of the products and/or services it offers. Some brands are so iconic that it is possible to identify them from just a single Pantone color without an accompanying logo. Others, including Cadbury, Barbie, and UPS, have even gone so far as to trademark their defining shades. So why do brands place such importance on color and what impact does it have on the way consumers perceive them? Let’s look at some research and then some famous examples.

How Gucci Won Over Gen Z Using Technology

Gucci, as you may have heard, is crushing it with millennials. In 2018, 62% of Gucci’s more than $8 billion in sales came from the under-35 set, a demographic that is generally harder for luxury brands to capture, given the high price points of their products.

But what you might not know is that Gucci’s fastest-growing segment is now generation Z, the oldest of whom is only 24. This bodes well for Gucci’s future.