The State of AI Adoption among Marketers

Even though the benefits of artificial intelligence is widely acknowledged, a survey performed by Gartner, Inc. shows otherwise. Only more than 10% of the companies that were surveyed have utilized or deployed AI in their businesses. Furthermore, the role of AI in marketing is more established in the Asia-Pacific region as compared to other areas. Today, we take a closer look at what contributed to the state of AI adoption among marketers nowadays.

What AI Can Do for Marketers

The fast evolution of technology has widened the use of AI for marketers. What was once only limited to simple data analysis can now be used for other applications. AI technologies can now perform real time campaign optimizations based on the visitor’s behavior.

In addition, it’s already possible to perform market forecasting with AI. It enhances the capability of the company to predict the spending habits of a consumer. It may already be possible to look for products you want to purchase by just snapping a photo of the items in the near future.

Asia-Pacific region ahead in pushing for AI adoption

Surprisingly, the Asia-Pacific region is ahead of its North American and European counterparts when it comes to AI adoption. A report by Econsultancy and Adobe indicates that more than half of marketers in the Asia-Pacific are currently using AI or have included it in their pipeline for the next 12 months. Companies from this region are targeting to use AI for digital asset management, content creation and design work.

Hindrances in fully supporting AI adoption

There are different reasons that could explain the low number of marketers who have fully embraced the power of AI. The survey conducted by Gartner Inc. revealed the following reasons:

·             Skills gap

The survey indicates that there is a gap between the AI’s huge potential and the ability of a company to implement it. The companies that were surveyed prefer to purchase pre-packaged AI solutions or AI capabilities that are already incorporated in the applications. They also lack qualified personnel that can confidently handle this kind of technology. It’s already bad enough that there is lack of competent data scientists who handle advanced analytics project. To make things worse, employees who are highly skilled in AI techniques are also hard to find.


·             Companies still don’t know much about AI

The survey also reports that the interest and willingness to try AI is already present. The term “artificial intelligence” actually ranked 7th in the top 100 search terms of Gartner Inc. in May 2017. Unfortunately, companies are still on the process of studying and fully understanding how they can use AI for their business. As a result, they are having a hard time in developing their AI strategy.

Moving forward

Indeed, artificial intelligence is a strong superpower that is just waiting to be maximized to its full potential. The numbers don’t lie. A company can go a long way with AI as part of their marketing strategy. It’s now up to companies whether they are willing to invest their time and resources in exploring the possibilities.