Startup Founders

Focus On Building Something Brilliant.

The initial startup process from a founder perspective makes for an ideal marketing starting point.

These are the common pain points founders deal with after their initial MVP, where can help:

Finding the right channel

A multi-agency environment where you assign channel experts to work simultaneously with each other is not ideal. Having one agency report to another agency about insights they’re seeing, so that the second agency can adjust its efforts accordingly is a messy solution.

On the other hand, having your first marketing hire do all of this is not time-effective and definitely not scalable.

Acquiring and segmenting marketing data

The way users utilize the web have resulted in omni-channel buyer decisions. Companies wanting to know the complete conversion story need to think about clickstream data and multiple touchpoints coming to their site, and the sheer amount of data requires an full-time data scientist to process it all.

Experience shows that implementing AI not only saves founders hiring costs, but in turn can gather data on a 24/7 basis, with a sophisticated machine learning process separating the data that doesn’t matter and the data that will grow your business.

Driving growth

Building the right traffic, knowing which channels works and what data to pay attention to is crucial at any stage.

AI helps getting there quicker. Only when you know what works, double down on what drives revenue.

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