Chief Marketing Officers

“The pace of change has never been this fast”

Automation and AI, as the obvious examples, will totally revolutionize the world of work – in many ways, they already have – Justin Trudeau

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Did you know?

An Economist study showed that 86% of CMOs and senior marketing executives believe they’ll own the full end-to-end customer experience by 2020. (source)

This is how can help. 

[stack_tabs custom_css_class=”text-center”][stack_tabs_content icon=”icon-Bodybuilding” title=”Brand & Experience”] helps companies link brand strategy and customer experience to drive growth.

We support your strategy or develop your creatives. As marketing practitioners, we are responsible for setting the strategic direction for our AI tools to follow, including goals and the overall scope of your campaigns.

The strength of AI is handling all of the computational and data-centric tasks associated with the optimization and measurement of your campaigns.

[/stack_tabs_content][stack_tabs_content icon=”icon-Cube-Molecule” title=”Digital Transformation”] helps companies become evolved enterprises through the development of transformational digital marketing strategies, powered by artificial intelligence.

Reduce the time spent on preparing reports and analysis, and spend it on strategy and focusing on customer interactions.

[/stack_tabs_content][stack_tabs_content icon=”icon-Bar-Chart” title=”Growth Acceleration”] enables businesses to accelerate growth quickly and profitably.

According to the Economist study, talent and data are top-of-mind: By 2020, the top two objectives for European firms include having the right mix of creative and technical talent (49%), and having a single source of customer data across channels (44%).

That is what Aimley embodies.


Take part in the enormous opportunity that is AI Marketing

AI has the ability to see trends and anticipate future channels but keeping on top of ‘quality’ of content, cultural considerations, languages etc. is still incredibly difficult.

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Remove analytics roadblocks

Today’s data-driven marketers are under greater pressure than ever to optimize budgets, personalize experiences and deliver growth. But all too often, their organizations are not optimized to handle the challenges of data with agility, speed and accuracy. What can marketing leaders do right now to make the vision of a truly data-driven marketing organization a reality?

61% of marketing decision-makers said they struggled to access or integrate the data they needed last year. (Source: Think with Google)


Learn what this represents for your company.