How to achieve better targeted display advertising using machine learning

How to achieve better targeted display advertising using machine learning

Marketers learn very early on that speaking the right message to the wrong people will get you nowhere. In fact, you also need to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right place, and in the right platform.

While other marketers remain struggling with manual analysis of what campaigns make certain consumers tick, more innovative teams are investing in data science. With machine learning, you can easily and effectively create targeted display advertising.

What is Machine Learning Display Advertising?

Machine learning is a type of algorithm that can analyze and predict outcomes without being explicitly programmed. As its name suggests, the software application learns. As you input more data, the systems can learn from, make decisions, and create predictions based on the new data.

Unlike other types of modeling, you don’t have to explicitly program the computers to carry out a certain task every single time. A single software program can enact different types of analyses to give you the information that you need, allowing you to stay hands-off for most of the process. In fact, a massive-scale machine learning system can be deployed and put in continual use for years, in order to serve thousands of advertising campaigns.

Machine learning is making targeted display advertising easier and more effective.

This type of data science takes advantage of past user behavior in order to display the most relevant advertisements. It can be used to streamline the processes of a site and search retargeting, black-listing, contextual targeting, and other tactics used in conventional targeted advertising.

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Aside from increasing efficiency in analyzing past user behavior, machine learning can also play a key role in the ad bidding optimization process. It can help increase target accuracy in order to find the right browsers or applications, as well as the right timing, price, and message for the campaign.

What can machine learning specifically offer? Machine learning can give marketers massive amounts of fine-grained data on consumer behavior, as well as on their brand-oriented actions through the analysis of purchase systems. Machine learning can even increase a team’s ability to make advertising decisions in real-time.

With machine learning in your marketing toolkit, you can efficiently decide on targeted display campaigns using better and more comprehensive consumer data.

The Value of Targeted Data Advertising

Targeted data advertising is one of the most effective and widely used digital marketing strategies in the industry. This technique works by defining and targeting a set of potential customers based on variables such as online habits, interests, and demographics.

As they browse through the web and on their apps, these potential customers become exposed to display advertisements and become motivated to engage with your brand.

To achieve the desired results in targeted data advertising, however, the process needs to go through a lot of data. There are many different tactics that marketers need to employ, such as:

  • Site and search retargeting. Your display advertisements target those who have already visited your website, or who have already searched for certain keywords and/or phrases related to your campaign.
  • White-listing and black-listing websites. There are websites that are fertile grounds for potential users, and there are websites that your brand does not want to be associated with. Before launching an online campaign, these are things marketers need to consider.
  • Category contextual targeting. The content in the website or app users are browsing through should resonate with the product or service you are providing.
  • Keyword contextual targeting. By going through the keywords users regularly expose themselves to through articles, social media, and online forums, marketers can get an idea of whether or not they will respond well to your advertising campaign.

The field of targeted display advertising is constantly being improved and expanded with such tactics. It can be a tedious process to analyze the data of thousands upon thousands of users who may or may not become actual customers.

Fortunately, targeted display advertising is also becoming more efficient and modern with the help of machine learning.

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