A complete list of AI marketing tools

A complete list of AI marketing tools

This post is meant to serve as a directory of leading A.I. marketing technology solutions that are available for consumers. It should give you an idea of which A.I. technology you might consider to implement.

By no means is this list meant to be exhaustive. There are many tools being built and great ideas being hatched at the time of putting this list together, but this overview will be constantly updated.

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  • Acrolinx: Improves marketing content
  • AdScale: AdWords optimization using machine learning technology
  • Albert: Optimises paid advertising campaigns
  • Alegion: Upgrades data for A.I. processing
  • Alli: Artificial intelligence for search engine optimization.
  • Appier: Improves media buying
  • Atomic Reach: Improves marketing content
  • Automat: Automates service/support (chatbot)
  • Automated Insights: Generates insights from data
  • Bloomreach: Personalises website experience
  • Boomtrain: Personalises website and email
  • CaliberMind: Generates B2B insights
  • CanIRank: SEO powered by machine learning
  • Conversica: Automates sales/support (AI agents)
  • Cortex: Improves marketing content
  • Crayon: Tracks competitor marketing
  • Crystal: Virtual digital marketing advisor
  • Drawbridge: Improves targeting
  • Emarsys: Personalises marketing content
  • Equals3 (Lucy): Generates insights, assists decisions
  • Frase: AI-driven Research & Analysis for content marketing
  • Hubspot: Makes content recommendations, scores leads
  • IBM Watson Analytics: Generates business insights
  • InsideSales: Predicts behaviour and scores B2B leads
  • Klevu: Improves e-commerce sales (recommendation engine)
  • Leadza: AI Facebook assistant that sends you daily optimization tips and helps improve campaign performance
  • MarketMuse: Creates and improves marketing content
  • MonkeyLearn: Generates audience insights
  • Narrative Science: Automates reporting
  • Netra: Profiles audiences, generates insights (image recognition)
  • Node: Makes marketing recommendations
  • OneSpot: Personalises marketing content
  • OpenTopic (Sia): Offers marketing insight and advice
  • Pathmatics: Tracks competitor advertising
  • PaveAI: Writes reports
  • Persado: Creates and improves marketing copy
  • Phrasee: Improves email marketing (subject line optimisation)
  • Revere: Actionable insights for business apps
  • Retention Science: Increases customer retention through personalisation
  • Salesforce (Einstein): Improves CRM (insights, predictions, recommendations and automation)
  • Sentient: Improves online ads and sales
  • Seventh Sense: Improves email marketing
  • Siftrock: Improves email marketing
  • Skyword: Personalises marketing content
  • TalkIQ: Generates marketing insights